Night time cracked open like an egg
and the moon hung like a pale skull
there was a silence in the air
even the stars had an ominous glare

I found myself on the doorstep
there was a chill crawling on my shoulders
a sudden spark blistered from the darkness

I walked closer to see this speck
not sure what I will find
there was an eeriness to it
and the atmosphere answered in kind

a nervous hoot from an owl
could not break the spell
as I passed the pines and spruce
I wished the night would hold it’s truce

the spark grew bigger as I neared
it was not natural, as I feared
it shimmered and glimmered
and shed off many coloured lights
was this a flying saucer in my sight?

before me was a clearing
and the sight made me loose a bearing
the spark I saw so ominous a far
was my love and a blanket, candles
fruit and a cookie jar.

(c) 2013 allen simpson
for all the moaners and groaners that dislike dark poems
… gotcha 🙂