Looking inward into the mirror
I give up the ghosts,
hauntings of the pasts
calling into me new paths,
new ways, an exorcism of the self
the dusting of cobwebs
laid in the path of judgements
given to me by the ones
too blind to see my light
and my light is bright
not candle yellow or sunny gold
but dark
like a dark soul
in that darkness I am not lost
in that darkness I shine darkly
ultra-violet but beautiful…
my warmth is love
my hearth is my soul
my spirit is complete
I am cleansed
I am a healer
I am a lamp of dark light
I am excorcised of the past
I am stepping into the future…
ever onward


(c) 2012 allen Simpson

inspired by Starra Neely Blade and the song ‘Kingdome Come’ by The Mission UK