There is a downwards spiral,
from which it is difficult to escape,
it is journey with no end
no hidden doors

no rope to pull you to safety
a downwards spiral with many names
but it is known as DEPRESSION
It feeds you pain

it feeds from yours
it feeds you nails
and you feel it stabbing from the inside
a downwards spiral that plays many games
and the loser ends with a knife wound to the wrist
or empty pill bottles lying about

it loves to tell you stories
and if you believe them
your heart slowly dies

but, there are also a power you have
if you see the candle, little moth
stay away from the flames
find ways to smile
find ways to find joy
grab it
embrace it

and the spiral will loose it’s beauty
and you will learn to float



up towards

the azure sky…

(c) 2013 allen simpson