An ant carried a giant piece of breadcrumb on his back. A butterfly hovered nearby…

Butterfly: ‘Why do you always work so hard. Will you not rest?’

Ant:’ I live to serve others, because they live to serve me. In dark times, my ant brother brings in the bread which feed me, in turn I do the same. What you give, you receive.’

For a moment the butterfly just hovered in the sky.

Butterfly: ‘Dude, that’s deep!’

Ant: ‘That is just how the Universe work.’

Butterfly: ‘I just flap my wings.’ *sigh*

Ant: ‘You have a place in the Universe, Butterfly. You bring joy with the beauty people see reflectîng from you.’

We all have a part in the Universal scheme of things.

Don’t sell yourself short.


(c) 2011 Allen Simpson