Who are we really? Do we dare see ourselves as good people? There is a sadness in society, a thirst unquenched to see the worst in each other. We enter church, synagogue, mosque, circle, temple thinking that people believing different from us are going to hell, or are unevolved, immediately calling forth negative thoughts, even atheists think the religious and spiritual silly, and mock them if they can. We want the worst in each other, want to mock each other.

If some of us have a random streak of events happening, we think we are cursed or we blame the devil or a god… not thinking clearly that in a Universe this big, random crap happens. Yeah, I said crap, I know… sigh

We should get over ourselves, misconceptions and judgements and realize life is sometimes just random. It is like a drop of water… A drop of water have a chance to never fall where the previous drop fell. I said a chance… Chance is random, but even chance can repeat itself.

We should see life as a kite floating in the wind… The wind blows it around, it is attached by a string but sometimes when control is lost that kite will fly away and land somewhere. Now if another kite is let go in the same spot it might just not land where the previous one floated…

We must accept that life is random… Crap happens sometimes because it happens. We cannot blame the devil, a god etc… Blame binds us, places restriction on us to grow as beings and blame can devour us like a mean mother*

(c) 2013 allen simpson

* mother – not meaning a parent, but part of a certain swearword but I am in a polite mood and will not use that swearword today