When I miss you and the stains of yesterday
shows deeper than skin in my soul
and I am bleeding, my heart is a hole
will I lie down, would you like that?

Simmering in a pot
on the devil’s flame
can you really give the blame?

my compassion drowned when you left
my soul is bereft
Nights I am screaming you name
I am just a contestant in your sick game

Shimmering hope
on a dying candle
am I really to blame?

Inside of me the flame went cold
when you told me you don’t need me
I was only the money you needed
am I just a piece of your twisted little game?

I am simmering away
on your destructive flame
Am I really to blame?
life is a sick joke
I will never be the same…

(c) 2014 allen simpson
Believe it or not this poem is inspired by the song “The Dairy of Jane” by Breaking Benjamin