'n venster na 'n ander wêreld


Februarie 2014

Do I want to be human?

Do I want to be human?
when I see mankind ripping
horns from rhinos for pleasure
torturing and leaving them alive to die
such cruelty, how can one measure
the weeping for a father holding his son for the first time in his hands
when that man also do such tortures I can’t understand
Do I want to be human?
when I see a dog beaten to the brink of death
and it’s a wonder there is still breath
and it is malnourished and a skeleton
is such not a sin?
Is such not a sin?
when an eagle mates for life
and a man shoots down it’s mate
do the man not know the love
or is he just a pawn of hate
sadness is in my eye
every time a creature needlessly die
and when I look into the mirror…

-oh gods, I do not want to be human any more

Mankind maybe must die so that eagles will have a place to fly
so that wolves can have freedom to breathe
and rhinos might be at peace then

I hear the bees are dying out
the world might still spin about
but they pollinate the trees
and all life just might seize to breathe
will there be any more humans?
but then there also will be nothing…

Please Let nothing never come

"Lord of the Hundred Eyes" Photo Copyrighted (c) 2012 Allen Simpson
“Lord of the Hundred Eyes”
Photo Copyrighted (c) 2012 Allen Simpson

Poem and Photo Copyrighted (c) 2014 allen simpson

Le Fay

In a chamber where shadows danced
to the silent drum of flame
there upon silk she lay
called out gently my name
masked, she was my Goddess
I was her God
The promises of Beltaine
was fragrant in the air
“Come, come beloved”
she whispered with grin
“My Lady,” I said but breathless
while my being shook within
She gently unclasped her dress
it followed her curves to the floor
her skin inviting
the trap spun, delicious the lure

She was Le Fay, name that spun a million myths
she took me softly into her breast
She was Morgaine my beloved sister no more…

(c) 2014 allen simpson
my spin on the Arthurian Legend )O(

Alleenheid kul

alleenheid kul soos ‘n kulkunstenaar
duister-lomp soos ‘n blindemol
dink mens jy is alleen met jou probleme
dan hoor jy iets op radio
en dink:
dit kan ek gewees het
want ek is nie aleen nie

my hart is prop vol kamers
vol mense
en stof

(c) 2014 allen simpson

Random thought

Criminal Rumours Uttered Casually In Fear Is Evil Devilry
(and only the innocent suffer while the sick gluttons at their expense)

(c) 2014 allen simpson

Krag Issues (‘n Kwartet in 3 dele)

1. Krag sonder (‘n Gedagte)

‘n kers wapper sondeloos
edel in die nag
en ek wag

donker en ek
bruid en bruidegom
die een is in die duister
die ander een gee fokkol om

die krag is af
eskom soos simson sonder hare
sit ons in trane

net ‘n kers
wat below daar is niks in die duisternis

2. Kragteloos – net gedagtes

ek en die kers
wat so trietsig brand
is ou vriende
dis donker – ek kan nie lees nie
my geloof skryf die woorde neer
en ek hoop dat ek more
(donker hierogliewe sal kan lees)
deesdae werk mens jou gat
om krag te hê
en krag is so volop soos fokkol
net gedagtes wat smokkel
in donker nagte
waar selfs sterre sukkel
om te skitter
dit maak mens bitter

3. laat daar dan lig wees

o donker, my kanker, my liefling
my blinde geskenk
waar stilte jou omslingel
soos geraamtes
in ‘n gruwel droom

woorde is dan al wat jy het
in die donker
waar jou koppie raas
is stilte baas

o lig, my genesing, my marteling
jy gaan te vinnig weg
en los net hoop
dat iewers die son sal skyn

laat daar dan lig wees

4. Vier

krag issues
maak ouers lam
en goggas maak babas bang
en selfs hier in my bed
eindig ek met ‘n sug
‘n kragtelose kwartet

(c) 2014 allen simpson
na aanleiding en gedurende die twee kragonderbrekings geskryf op 21 en 22 Februarie wat albei vrek lank geduur het. Ek dra die stuk chaos op aan eskom wat my muse en aartsvyhand soms is

On Satur(n)days We Used To Sleep

sophor aeturnus
sophor aeturnus

On Satur(n)days we used to sleep all motionless and still …-While shrouded in an oppressive gloom we’re handed over to the dream. A sleep so dark, this “Moon by Day”, of powers strange and weird, through mystic veils her silver rays are glowing carefully. Woven of dewdrops and magical light, this gown that we’re wearing here is but a cloth of mist and we used to call it “The Breath of the Other Sphere”…

We are floating, flying, incredibly fast, the world of the thought gives birth to this life. Free to remember, to discover and feel as were closely together in our parallel flight. While beyond the gates our bodies lay next to each other in fragile rest, two chests are lifted up and down, moved only by some mortal breath. Yes, our bodies are sleeping so closely together, but it’s only in our minds that we touch (at last). In the realm of the spirit(s) our souls become one in the happy knowledge that we are completing halfs. Lees voort “On Satur(n)days We Used To Sleep”

Hymn to Cerridwen, the Wolf Mother

Oh She who lifts the veil
She who walks between worlds
Nurturer and Comforter
Who resides above and below
Who speaks without and within
Goddess that is compassion
Goddess that is life

She who knows every name
She who knows all my Paths
She who howls at my side at night
in the Forests of the Spirit World

She who stirs the Cauldron of the Wise
She who is Mother of Wolves

Only to Her I bow
So mote it be

(c)2014 allen simpson

weep no more

hide in my wings, tortured dreams will haunt you no more
let not the the shallow waters call you away
to the depths of despair and dismay

weep no more
weep no more

embrace me, little one and close those scared eyes
feed not the walls, ridden with the flies, the lies
breathe softly and forget the pain that binds

weep no more
weep no more

every word against you will fall, in ruin
every tear will be forgotten
just take my hand and weep no more

my love

(c)2014 allen simpson

(Inspired by the music of Sophor Aeturnus)

Kidnapped Ethiopian girl rescued by caring, protective lions

I am not surprised…. Lions are not always the man-eaters people think them to be


Dramatic reenactment.Dramatic reenactment.

A 12-year-old girl kidnapped by a group of seven men in the Ethiopian city of Bita Genet was found several days after her abduction, safe under the watchful eyes of three lions. Not only were the lions guarding her, they allegedly chased off her captors.

The girl was reportedly abducted by the seven men with the idea that she would be forced into marrying one of the them. According to the United Nations, about 70 percent of the marriages taking place in Ethiopia are the result of similar kidnappings. And nearly 100 percent of those abduction-marriages are not thwarted by kindly wildlife.

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