What is your definition of weird? Who wrote the book, the manual that states what the definition of weird is… A dictionary might give some answer but is it the answer? Do we define too easily what we do not understand?

People are too lazy to learn about things they do not understand… There are people that call innocent people ‘Satanist’ just because they dress differently or tell people they are going to hell just because they are from another religion.

What sick believe system gave anyone the right to judge each other? In Ireland bombs explode because of religion, as in Nigeria, in Africa innocents get blamed for witchcraft and get burned alive…


when die fires burn out and all is left in ashes and a judgement day comes will Who-Ever-God-Really is just look them in the eyes and say:”You burned people in my Name, you are weird… so go to hell.”


(c) 2014 allen simpson