Have you ever had one of those dead days where everything is in ‘flatline-mode’? Random listlessness and a feeling that the whole world is empty and you do not have the patience and energy to fill it up with your inner moonshine (I don’t have inner sunshine).

It is just emptiness and you know how to fix it but you just feel too void to do something about it. It’s like having a bad hair-day of the soul…

How do you pick yourself up? How do you not give in to the waves and let the flow of it kick you about in the ocean of isolation.

Sometimes you do find an island on this vast ocean of self-isolation, a little voice that say:”Get up grasshopper or I will kick your butt.” Sometimes you listen, sometimes you don’t. Luckily a day of the dead is just for one day… and tomorrow comes the resurrection and life.

(c) 2014 allen simpson