I wonder how many people I know have written full length books but they never got them published, especially in South Africa where some publishers are too afraid to publish something continental or their works are not ‘African’ enough, and with ‘African’ I do not mean politics but rather if the books are either Fantasy or maybe do not speak about our country’s diverse cultures… or the publishers are too old fashioned in their ways and publishing something like in the tradition of Harry Potter are ‘too satanic’ or against their ‘religious’ views….

I have met so many great writers yet they cannot get published…. Also there are local magazines that are too afraid to try new writers and use the same writers over and over again… Are the publishers committing art stagnation in stead of evolving with the rest of the world… No wonder people turn to the internet for solutions… it is a pity, there are many of us, me included that value the smell of a book and holding it in their hands, and having those books in their libraries as collections, and how many public libraries will also never share the awesomeness of some of these writers in a book….

it is a very sad…

And it is the slow death of the sacred word that will never be read, for some

(c) 2014 allen simpson