Fairy Rider by Leonie Roderick

Chapter 23
Peacy and his mother set the ball rolling. Sara arrives at the offices of Home Affairs early Monday morning. There she talks to her cousin who is now working in the important position as one of the official clerks.
She is led to an office where her nephew is waiting for her.
If the man is surprised to see her he hides it well and listen to her story of a daughter she has never registered. Without any questions he hands over forms for her to fill out and even helps her to write in the correct answers. By this time he knows what information is required.
He is family and knows there isn’t another daughter at home, but still he helps her without questions. By this time the planned Home Industry is big news and he is only thankful for having an aunt who is helping his family with a new idea and the promise of his own mother earning money and being independent!
Then he comes to a decision: He will keep the forms in his desk drawer until the necessary photos of the long lost daughter can be provide.
At the last minute he decides to give Elva a whole new identity and family history! He sets up a whole new family history and bypasses his aunt’s name and uses a name he has on file.
This is how it happens that Elva is put down as Grace Matara Sennya. He will even help her and come to her house to do the finger printing privately, if she prefers it. It is not procedure to do home visits but he will help them, he thinks and if it’s the only way it can be done to give this new daughter the status as a fully registered South African citizen, so bet it.
Sara Maclowa can’t believe her ears and is only too willing to make use of this nephew and his helpfulness. It seems as if the whole process will be completed without any problems. The nephew will send the forms with fingerprints and photos in as soon as possible. The data will be put into a computer and the requested I.D. document will be sent back.
With lightened mood she leaves the office to go and tell Peacy and Dillon the good news. Silently she tells herself that she is going to keep her promise to help her nephew’s wife to secure the first administrative job available, when the new industry kicks off. Family stands together and this morning’s excursion showed her once more how important they are to each other.
At the farm she first makes coffee and takes it to the two teenagers where they are bent over schoolwork.
She laughs delightedly at their enthusiastic thankfulness.
“We knew you were going to be late so we started the washing machine and dishwasher,” Dillon explains.
“We also dusted and vacuumed the lounge and dining room,” her son explains.
For a mother this means so much and she leaves them to go and inspect their work.
“Grace Matara Sennya,” Dillon tries out the name. “It’s actually beautiful. There’s is a ring to it. I like it and I think D.G. will love it too. Actually, I think the name suits her perfectly. It’s as good as Elva. She rather reminds me of an elf. But Grace! Grace suits her as well – she is graceful.”
“I’m glad you approve, Dillon. We must hope D.G. thinks it’s appropriate,” Peacy teases lightly.
Dillon only grins and wishes he could call D.G. in his mind and tell her of the development, but he promised not to and if it will keep her safe he will wait until he can see her this afternoon.
He immediately blocks his mind, thinking of pure white snow. Snow would be so welcome in this heat, he thinks.
He and Peacy are slowly but surely winning the battle.

Chapter 24
In a week they have finalised the request for Dream-Girl’s new identity. The forms were filled out and Delia O’Shea drove Elva to the nearest big town to have her photographs taken which is necessary for the new I.D. document. The nephew came to Land’s End with his equipment and took her fingerprints. The forms were sent in and now they are waiting for the new identity document to arrive. It will take a few weeks but that is all, and the whole exercise promises to go off without a hitch.
Delia was at first taken aback at the haste with which it was all organised and executed. She had kept the secret for so long and worked so hard to keep Elva safe, she wasn’t ready to let go and trust these new developments. She actually felt she was losing her daughter. She was always the only one in Elva’s life and suddenly she is only one of the people sharing her love and life.
After meeting up with Sara and the nephew again, she was more willing to believe it could happen and that Elva would be able to be as free as she always dreamed her daughter would be.
Elva even told her she could erase the memory of the procedure they went through from Sara Maclowa and her nephew’s memories.
After calming down and rethinking the events and processes she decides to keep an open mind and an attitude of waiting and keeping alert, watching out for problems which might occur in the future. Erasing memories sounds a bit drastic to her. She may share some of Elva’s gifts, of course, in a very minor capacity but she doesn’t know if she wants Elva to wipe out memories. Something could always go wrong! She doesn’t care to be responsible for people getting brain damage! She really beliefs in Elva and her abilities but this sounds a bit more complicated than she would like. To peek into a person’s mind is nothing compared to erasing information. She’ll wait and see, before making a final decision.
It will take her a bit longer to get used to calling Elva Grace and she even thought it would be easier to go for D.G., as Dillon calls her.
She is still slightly astonished at this new friendship. She never knew Elva… Grace called on Dillon all those years back. She is actually astonished that the small child was able to keep it quiet and a secret for so long.
Now that she is letting go of her worst fears she is starting to like the young man. He is really in earnest and looking out for El… Grace. She would never have thought it could be possible – but there it is. It’s a fact! After her years of keeping watch and keeping Elva safe she is still a little uneasy with letting too many people into the secret. To think some of the people knew of El – Grace’s existence, even after going to all the trouble of organizing a funeral and pretending she was a grieving mother. They knew! It shows how much she wanted to believe her darling daughter was safe. Her respect for the native population is growing more by the minute.
She has heard the plans the youngsters have made to keep Grace safe if the bad people should arrive. She could but hope her daughter would never need to hide away from her greatest fear and enemy.
It seems so strange to hate and fear people she has never met. They are truly the faceless enemy. She hopes Niamh knows how they are all trying to keep Grace out of those faceless scientists’ hands.
Poor Niamh, she stood no chance. From the moment she was born fate was against her and Delia can only pray that the years have brought her some contentment.
Once Grace’s new identity has arrived she would have to appear as a new person in the town and district. Luckily, with the rumour that was told that Elva was a sickly child, she was very seldom seen and mostly only by people who came for short visits to Land’s End. Dillon said they would tell people she was his Dream-Girl who came to visit him and then wanted to stay. As his parents have so many projects going they can’t take on another and they will then ask their good neighbour, Mrs Delia O’Shea, to help out and take the visitor in.
Grace will stay at home like she always did. Delia will not lose her daughter. Dillon has so many plans for them all. There are days she thinks she would need a diary to keep up with the teenager’s ideas. He wants Grace to make her matric at the end of the year. Grace was always eager to study. She now realises it was only because her daughter was in contact with Dillon. He was a great inspiration to her.
Dillon says he is going to make his matric through home schooling and so is Peacy. Grace will join them in their studies. Next year Dillon wants to attend a university and Peacy and Grace will be joining him.
She is afraid for her daughter. It will be her first time away from home, but she can’t begrudge Grace this new freedom – not after all the years of hiding. She hopes her daughter will enjoy life as a student.
She rather regrets her behaviour the day Meav Young called on her with the forms. She should have invited her for tea and made a friend of her. Since Dillon told her about baby Elizabeth’s death, she has felt for the woman and realised what it has taken for her to go on with her life.
Yes, she ponders, life is strange. A month ago they were living like hermits here on Land’s End but now it’s changing. Grace is going to be just another teenager going her way, making friends and shopping at the mall and joining student fun and games. Her daughter is really going places!
E – Grace feels pretty good and has hope for the future.
At this moment Delia O’Shea feels she can take on the enemy!



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