In long corridors I find my self
I loose my breath
I carry chains around my feet
I suffocate on the sound of my heartbeat
if only there were a voice
to lead me out of this labyrinth
I fear I must die
and become the offer to the beast within

there are echoes and they pitter patter
and I feel their endless chatter
on these floors so grey so stained
will I find myself bloodied stained

there is a disembowelled voice
is this the beast I hear
shivers become my dread-est companion
and I give into the fear

For tonight a beast will feast
but is it the one in the centre of the maze
or the one born in the abyss of the heart of my fear

the torches bring forth little light
and sometimes shadows lie
a Minotaur awaits in these phantasmic illusions
and if he finds me I will die

(c) 2014 allen simpson

Inspired by an old legend with a twist
and yes the word Phantasmic is a play on the word phantasm