everywhere is doom
a desire for the world to end
as we look into paranoid eyes
of people quoting mayan calenders and bibles
as if someone crowned them prophets
what is the profit?
what is the profit?

the ability to breathe already
is an incredible gift
the generosity of seeing beauty
such as a flock of birds
in a blue sky
the privilege to see
the majestic bloom of jacarandas
in a tree even in a city
the little smile of a stranger passing by

those that want the world to end
please die
get it over with
go to your saviours and heavens filled with virgins
and leave us happy
just watching the birds
just smiling at a stranger
just breathing
just being thankful

life is a gift
some of us appreciate
even today
just even if it is
for today only
we are alive in beauty
we are blessed
even in little gifts comes pleasure
die or wake up

I prefer you wake up

(c)2014 allen simpson