The Media and News are evil and feed us junk we do not need to know, thus I read up on the environment and the things that really matter like how to keep our planet healthy.

Earth is the only planet we have and is more important that some stupid celebrity’s baby. We will not even remember most celebrities when they age, but we will remember a place where we held picnic with someone we loved, we will remember the smell of spring and we will remember the immense joy of holding our own children or baby brothers and sisters in our arms.

Screw Oscar’s murder trail and the Angelina’s 900th baby, let’s find solutions to things that is facing the Earth, Humanity and all the creatures we share this beautiful world with. Let’s be Life Conscious instead of unconscious to what is happening in this world. Let’s Live.

My name is Allen Simpson and I choose life. 


(c) 2014 allen simpson