Preacher said:’Drink your cool drink, children, were going to the promised land.’
There were so many little corpses, God, I don’t understand.’

how could they just drink poison
trusting God to save them
lives that could have changed the world,
ended so easily because they did
what he told.

Where in any holy books, did Any God approve
mass suicide…?

(sometimes religion smells like death)

Where did they come to the decision
to end their lives, where did reason…
fail them?
Senselessness is not a part of any God
but people like to listen to rot
believe in a preacher as if he’s a key
how the fuck couldn’t they see through
just one man?

one man to kill the lambs
to corrupt a faith
to corrupt a flock
to bash innocence like a snake
to a rock…


(c) 2012 allen simpson

This is an old poem, reworked….
Google reverend Jim Jones, the heaven’s gate cult, religious suicide…
A Shepard should guard his flock, not end them…


here is an article to start you off : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Jones