Your heart is beating, like a runaway train,
it’s left the station, running on pain.
And I say no worries, and you disagree,
you max the feeling, and it’s hurting me.

You stand on the edge, off an abysmal ravine,
‘Look up’ I plead, but you’re going for green.
I wish you would reconsider, but you shake your head,
your resolve won’t waiver,
your future is set.

If you give up, give up
please choose life
if you give in, give in
you’ll pay the price.

Hollow words are your excuses
desperation, leave you clueless
regret, please understand
strength only comes, in hope’s giving hand.

don’t give up, give up
life is the right choice
don’t give in, give in
to that evil fucking little voice
hold on, hold on and be free
fight and you’ll see
you’ll beat misery…

(c) 2012 allen simpson

An old poem of mine, dusted off and revamped
inspired by Alphaville and Tears for Fears