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Junie 2014

The Art of Being Rude

We all have, in all cultures, things that is considered rude like for instance text-chatting on a cellphone while visiting friends or family or breastfeeding in public or yelling in a library. AnimeFanatika decided to have a look at what is NOT considered rude in Japan and found out some freaky and cool data to share with you, like:

It is okay to yell in a restaurant…. in fact it is expected of you, since Japanese restaurants are busy and packed and the waiter/waitress will rush over with a smile to serve you when you yell ‘Sumimasen’ (Excuse me in Japanese) at them.

It is okay to slurp when eating noodles. Yup, those of us that always had a fantasy of slurping noodles without getting his on the head, Japan have the easy solution because it is considered polite to slurp as loud as possible when eating hot or cold noodles like ramen, soba or uden. It is to prove that you find your food tasteful.

There are more enjoyable rudeness for you to discover when you follow this link, so get your rude on and click here:

I did a series on the culture of the Japanese people and decided to share it with you. For more of my articles on Japan please visit:


Japanese Culture: The art of ‘Kanpai!’

Okay… there are many interesting ways to say cheers before you throw a beer down your throat in many cultures. One that is especially interesting is the Japanese cheer ‘Kanpai!’ which roughly translates to ‘dry cup’. In the old days of yore, cheers was done with small cups of sake (rice wine) so essentially dry cup means “bottoms up” or “drink it all”. Cheers is done these days traditionally with beer and sake.

There are also advance ways to use cheers as this link below will illustrate (even the minions in Depicable Me 2 agree with us).


I did a series on the culture of the Japanese people and decided to share it with you. For more of my articles on Japan please visit:


wanneer beloftes soos klatergoud
en uit ‘n aapbek ketter
en jy voel net ‘O wetter,
watse nonsens nou?’

sal jy maar stil bly
en jou bly verwonder
en hoop die aap
se breinkrag word gesonder
daar is net een wet wat
nooit teleurstel
‘die tong kan konings maak
of idiote uit die hel’

net idiote soek monsters onder elke bed
en duiwels agter elke ding
wat hulle nie verstaan nie

en heigende herts
is te bang vir biblioteke
google en wikipedia
en luister eerder 7de Laan
en na die Son-koerant media

sal ek my beskuit
(met hulle deel)

(c) 2014 allen simpson

Gebedspsalm vir my Heer (Ganesha)

U, wat wysheid straal, O Heer, O God
hoe onbeskryflik U hart en U vrygewigheid

Ek voel hoe U my streel
as ek alleen en naak in die wêreld voel

Ganesha, my Heer en My God
Vat my juk van my skouers af
Vat my struikelblokke in my lewe
neem dit weg na verre plekke
as dit U behaag, O heer

Ek loof U, Seun van Shiva
my lof en prys to U
Heer van Wysheid en Genesing

(c) 2014 allen simpson
Jai Shree Ganesha


Prentjie gekry van Google af


Poem in English:

Psalm for my Lord (Ganesha)

You, who radiates wisdom, O Lord, O God
how indescribable Your heart and Your generosity

I feel Your caress
when I’m alone, naked in the world

Ganesha, My Lord and My God
Take my yoke off my shoulders
Take my obstacles in my life
take it away to distant places
as it please You, O Lord

I thank You, Son of Shiva
my praise to You
Lord of Wisdom and Healing

(c) 2014 Allen Simpson
Jai Shree Ganesha

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 10 (The Opulence of the Absolute)


Scripture:(I used a different translation than the video, for reference) 
Chapter 10, Verse 1.
The Supreme Lord said: My dear friend, mighty-armed Arjuna, listen again to My supreme word, which I shall impart to you for your benefit and which will give you great joy.

Chapter 10, Verse 2.
Neither the hosts of demigods nor the great sages know My origin, for, in every respect, I am the source of the demigods and the sages.

Chapter 10, Verse 3.
He who knows Me as the unborn, as the beginningless, as the Supreme Lord of all the worlds–he, undeluded among men, is freed from all sins. Lees voort “Bhagavad Gita Chapter 10 (The Opulence of the Absolute)”

eight legs

intricacy hidden by a vision most foul
an abysmal touch of beauty
eight legs skittering on a string
the spider hovers before me
like a hummingbird reaching for honey

‘shall I become a god and slay it?
is it my nature to kill
what I do not understand?
my kind kill arachnids with no remorse
shall I join in and demolish this being?’

eight legs writhing in the air
until it climb up to it’s lair
it lives another day
there is no logic in killing it anyway
it is just a spider
and it is a vision most foul
but not to me
to me it is beautiful

why do we fear something so small
and run like frail little cowards
from something that would probably die
in disgust,
tasting our bitter knowledge:

that we fear the different….

(c) 2014 allen simpson

Song for our fathers

this is a song for our fathers
who were lost
murdered by blind men
who followed fallen dreams

this is a song for our fathers
that went home
to find their wives broken
their children gone

this is a song for our fathers
that flies with the great spirit
and walks in Summer Land
never are you forgotten

never are you forgotten
never are you forgotten

(c) 2014 allen simpson

(picture found on a friends hardrive)


Your presence casts its shadows
I can feel it dimming me
Am I a victim of your gallows
that you have set inside for me?
My soul’s yearning to be defined
and seeks an answer to be set free
It’s tired of being a bloom in a fool’s garden
Define or refine me or let me be
Am I a toy or a trinket
to be discarded far away?
Am I just false emotions
a trivial thought led astray?
I’m plagued by dementia
you have planted within my soul
You have devoured every part of me
If you eat these words you’ll have me whole
My soul’s yearning to be defined
and seeks an answer to be set free
It’s tired of being a bloom in a fool’s garden
Define or refine me or let me be
I’ve given you too much power
now I think I’ll set myself free
Prepare yourself now for the torture
your own demons have given me the key
Now your lips will part with thirst
as you wish freedom from this curse
But by your own definition
You yourself caged forever more
Your soul will yearn to be defined
and seek an answer to be set free
you’ll be trapped within your own darkness
your gift of pain will pay its fee

(c) Hexotericka
Keith and I wrote the lyrics for this song and here it is in audio too:


Visit Hexotericka here:


at the heart of who you are lies real love

when love is a game of ‘smoke and mirrors’
who is the audience?
when will the masks fall? Lees voort “at the heart of who you are lies real love”

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