You accuse the world and tell it it owes you. You seek compensation for shit that happened, events, people.
You use drugs and people like disposable dreams, the solution is not that easy it seems, you turn to a god only to turn away, your bitterness denies you a life without pain, you feed the fire in your heart and brain, and want and covet and act out in shame.
Then one day you get your hands on a gun, you go to school and commit Columbine.

Children dead, dying and its all your fault, you realise and turn the gun to your head and bang you end up dead.

Is it okay to blame the world, to shoot your classmates and end their world, there were so many days in your life you could have asked help and end the strife, killing innocents and your self, shows your lack of spine and respect for your self.

(c) 2011 allen simpson
‘Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.’

an old poem, it is written in a weird style but I assure you this is a poem.