In darkest irony I see so clear
the silence whisper it is your name I hear
the mystery unfolds in blood and sweat
my dearest the taste is red

blindfolded I only see the candle flame
your touch is ice to my vein
my goose-flesh shows me how you drive me insane
a little bite while I writhe to my hungers

sweetest flame my passion rises
it soars above the abyss
of your intention, oh you purist
of insatiable bliss

a moan erupts from the wells of my soul
it craves, enslaved for more
my blood, an ocean it rises
as your breath invites my flesh for more

Slay me with your lips
caress me with your nails
rip me to your pleasure
I have more to give
in your embers, my sweetest flame

(c) 2014 allen simpson
for Perdita, my love my dream