abiding time,
like a snail on a long road I take it slow
waiting, dreaming, anticipating
I want you to hear my name
scream it to the night sky as I die
whisper it in your arms as I live again
love immortal pain sublime

abiding time,
like a wicked pleasure awakens the heart
feeling, tasting, anticipating
when I make you mine
you possess me now with your darkest charms
my sweetest prison never let me go
scream my name to the night sky

sanguine fantastic your bite cures the light
the dark I crave in your immortal eyes
the bitter-sweet that tells no lies
my amber rose-drops fall in the snow-carpeted mind
and lights a candle that never dies
Hold me, caress me as I flow away
scream my name and save me….

In my sanguine catatonia
only you hold the key
I am ever lost without you

(c) 2014 allen simpson