We all have, in all cultures, things that is considered rude like for instance text-chatting on a cellphone while visiting friends or family or breastfeeding in public or yelling in a library. AnimeFanatika decided to have a look at what is NOT considered rude in Japan and found out some freaky and cool data to share with you, like:

It is okay to yell in a restaurant…. in fact it is expected of you, since Japanese restaurants are busy and packed and the waiter/waitress will rush over with a smile to serve you when you yell ‘Sumimasen’ (Excuse me in Japanese) at them.

It is okay to slurp when eating noodles. Yup, those of us that always had a fantasy of slurping noodles without getting his on the head, Japan have the easy solution because it is considered polite to slurp as loud as possible when eating hot or cold noodles like ramen, soba or uden. It is to prove that you find your food tasteful.

There are more enjoyable rudeness for you to discover when you follow this link, so get your rude on and click here:


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