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Julie 2014

Daughtry – Crawling Back To You

Here is a scary thought for all of you, I sometimes listen to normal music. Like Pink Floyd and The Who. Last night I discovered this song and read up about it…. I am not a fan of Pop Idols but it seems that it did turn up at least one winner worth listening to… I present:

Lees voort “Daughtry – Crawling Back To You”

Dream and Fox

twice you visited me in dreams
once in a lake that should not exist
once as a kuda-gitsune in field of Anemone flowers
you are my mystery guide

you are my sign when all is lost
a little fox of light
what dreams may you hold for me
in the dead of the night

In my dreams I know you well
I feel you guard my heart
in thousand tales you will dream-walk with me
and we will never part

(c) 2014 allen simpson

this is not a great poem but it speaks of how I feel, twice I have dreamed of this fox…

My Dream Companion

I feel he is here to guide me on a great journey, why else would I dream of him. Both my dreams had Japanese elements in them. Last night’s dream he appeared on a mountain top and there were purple anemone flowers.

Anemone Flower

The fox ‘feels’ like a Kuda-Gitsune to me, a gentle Japanese Fox-Spirit like in the anime xxxHolic

I can’t wait to dream of my friend again. Maybe one day I will tell you what happened it these dreams

Love Acid (A ballad by Muse Poetry and Allen Simpson)

I feel the acid love crawling through my veins
I feel the burning I feel the pain
he is burning me to ashes
silently crashing me to death

If love is so bad
so darker the black
brighter the heat hot blood
bloody tears all I’ve got

can you hear my darkness
my life black and restless
don’t you want to find the pain
I expanse my heart even in vain

See how it rakes through my love, my hate
like on the sour earth of ill-fated decadence
like dogs fighting for a crumb
broken and torn souls set on stun
seeking answers but the quest is begun

If love is the answer
is must be darker than black
bright ashes of toxic un-empathetic spill
tears of bloody spite from heart’s deepest hell

love firstly I will lick up the blood
the one pumping from your lost heart
and darkness will set me free
with your blood in me

I crumble your mind
in the darkest corners I might find
maybe your soul
broken to pieces nothing but whole

let me taste the tastes from the river Styx
that flows from your heart, abyss deep
the green veins of your red gift
your poison to feed my cankerous desire

let’s crumble to undead earth
where the soul rests in it’s catacomb
amongst the cobwebs of love and pain
where we lie like shattered glass

I will drown my soul in green pools of hell
for ecstasy through your skin I smell
for ever in this grave I will dwell
with your skeleton body dipped in a lovers well.

© 2014 Muse Poetry and Allen Simpson

sanguine malediction

Laments screaming, in pure decibels
memories like dust gather
the mind remembers
how easily it fed until it’s fill

absolution is an abyss
such evolution is dangerous
the path, where souls walk in shackles
for just one drink of sanguine paradise

it did not choose this life
it did not choose this life at all
but only scarlet life can sate it’s thirst
there is not cure, for immortality
he wish to turn no-one into
his everlasting curse

(c) 2014 allen simpson
the poem is about a man turned into a vampire that wishes to be a mortal again. Inspired by the song ‘questionmark’ by the band ‘Lestat’ and ‘AmOK’ by Diary of Dreams

soos ‘n kool vuur

die kool vuur wat jy is, brand in my hart
elke oomblik lek die vlamme
tot diep in die binneste ek
en ek voel veilig in jou hitte

in harde reën verskyn jy
en stoom dans om jou vel
jou onblustende hart klop teen myne
en jou hitte dan so sag

my lief, my salamander siel
op koue winter’s nag
lê in my arms en hou my warm
soos ‘n kool vuur
wat hout laat vlam
ontplof my siel met jou by my

(c) 2014 allen simpson
geinspireer op die legende van die salamander

Beast and Beauty

Beast and Beauty

midnight’s kiss brought forth the beast
beneath it’s obsidian cast he will feast
his bride awaits him to sate his hunger
she knows her beast like her heart

an unearthly shudder falls on the earth
as man in moonlit-transmutation sheds
his human skin, his last sign of human birth

there is an ambient silence when
his shadow appears behind her
she bares her neck to meet his tongue
and his tusk gently scratch her

a moan escape and she speaks his name
soft candles spark and bring forth flame
her beast, her beauty has lost it’s claim
as she becomes but clay lost in taloned hand

their dance now begins…

© 2014 allen simpson
poem and photo

(unnamed) the truth have no name

one moment and there is a knock at the door
behind it are promises and we can’t take any more
the bills pile up like the weight on Atlas’ back
the sky used to be white but now it’s painted black

hope took wishes on a vacation, they did not come back
since then the hospitals went from great to shack
where is the power, why are we dark and cold
we did pay the account but the municipality’s soul is sold

we keep on multiplying but cannot feed the multitudes
the eco-system is overused and species are all but dead
and somewhere on a golden toilet sits the despot on his jet

hope took our wishes on a vacation, had an accident and died
we are so screwed since our rationality went down the drain
no wonder junkies overdose when all they see is the pain
that I see every day on the street in your eyes
but you keep on smiling and say you are happy with the lies

but you keep on smiling until even that curls up and writhe
hope and wishes went way, and some of us stay barely alive
and somewhere the despot counts his money and smile
while a child somewhere hungry, sick just died

(c) 2014 allen simpson

Depeche Mode – In Chains

Usually I just post my song for the day with lyrics but this time I have to praise this music video. I own more than 50 original music videos by the band Depeche Mode and when I looked for this song’s video, I discovered this video made by Depeche Mode Fans from Russia. They did it in a similar style than Depeche Mode and that is rare. This video is brilliantly done and I am sure a lot of die hard Depeche Mode fans will agree. What is you favourite original Depeche Mode video? Mine is definitely ‘Home’ as well as ‘Condemnation’.

Video of the day:

Song Lyrics:

The way you move
Has got me yearning
The way you move
Has left me burning Lees voort “Depeche Mode – In Chains”

torment (Bliss)

Do you know I taste heaven
on the joy of your tears
that I want to bite you
and crawl in your soul
that I want to die
and be buried with in you
do you know the torture that is you

do you know that angels weep blood when I gasp your name
do you know I have lived through every deathcry I gave
when you stroked my spirit and gave me absolution
you are the torture of me, my love it’s you

I would call down the moon and cast your crown in it’s hue
I would empty the very ocean of it’s drops to walk to you
I would split atoms to have that taste that is you
I would resurrect you again and again because it’s you
I would relive every pain you have inflicted on me because it is you
Your servant would bleed for your whips, my love

my word are written in pain of passion
my monster,my love
I love the torture that is you

(c) 2014 allen simpson

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