"we feed the dawn, we starve the light"
“we feed the dawn, we starve the light”

Every choice is black and white
we feed the dawn, we starve the light
hundred million stars to guide us in the painted sky
we cherish the truth and candy-coat the lie.

We are without reason
we pray and shout treason
the blade is dull
we fake the pain

we live in amber night lights
we dance until reality bites
we unfold the veils to get to the prize
we pay the fool inside and spit on the wise

we crave the reason
we slave to treason
we worship vanity
and dull our minds

we shape realities
but we dull our minds.

(c) 2011 Allen Simpson

The poem/song tells us that we like to escape from our problems.
We create these fake realities to hide.