Part 1
Fact 1: The shamanic Turkic (Northern China) people believes they were decendants of Wolves. They also believed that wolves possess spiritual powers.

Fact 2: In Modern Mongolia, the wolf is still seen as a good luck symbol, especially amongst men.

Fact 3: In Chechen (Ingush) lore they believe they are related to wolves and believe in the Wolf Mother.

Fact 4: In Japan, wolves were worshipped at shrines as grain Gods and food offerings were left at wolves’ dens.

Part 2
It is superstition and fear that make us ‘Westerners’ fear and kill these beautiful creatures, or too much ‘Three Little Pigs’ and ‘Red Riding Hood’ as kids. Or Religious Paranoia where people assume certain animals are ‘in cahoots’ with evil, the devil or somesuch bullshit.

I will add to this. I am a WOLF in my spirituality. There are many like me. I plan to add to this note from time to time to educate you on my world.

(C) 2012 allen simpson
I copyright this because this will eventually will be a semi-autobiography of me. Don’t steal my words. This is my life, write your own. We all have a tail (pun intended) to tell.

Blessings of the WolfMother on all with an open heart.
(Wolfname of Allen Simpson)