here I am Oh Goddess
sacrificed in the name of another god
put on a cross of ridicule
because I believe not the same

I am just the Agnus Dea
the lamb of the Goddess
slain, tortured, burned
in another god’s name

Shapash, my Goddess is weaping
her father El Elyon in shame
people killing us off
in a warped version of his name

we are the lambs sacrificed
burning bright like stars
we will return like the Phoenix
and bring the truth of the Gods
to earth again….

(c) 2014 allen simpson
Agnus Dea – latin which means ‘ Lamb of the Goddess’
Shapash – Canaanite Goddess known as the torch of the Gods
El Elyon – Hebrew name for the Canaanite Moon God El

Photo art by Keith van Zyl