one moment and there is a knock at the door
behind it are promises and we can’t take any more
the bills pile up like the weight on Atlas’ back
the sky used to be white but now it’s painted black

hope took wishes on a vacation, they did not come back
since then the hospitals went from great to shack
where is the power, why are we dark and cold
we did pay the account but the municipality’s soul is sold

we keep on multiplying but cannot feed the multitudes
the eco-system is overused and species are all but dead
and somewhere on a golden toilet sits the despot on his jet

hope took our wishes on a vacation, had an accident and died
we are so screwed since our rationality went down the drain
no wonder junkies overdose when all they see is the pain
that I see every day on the street in your eyes
but you keep on smiling and say you are happy with the lies

but you keep on smiling until even that curls up and writhe
hope and wishes went way, and some of us stay barely alive
and somewhere the despot counts his money and smile
while a child somewhere hungry, sick just died

(c) 2014 allen simpson