twice you visited me in dreams
once in a lake that should not exist
once as a kuda-gitsune in field of Anemone flowers
you are my mystery guide

you are my sign when all is lost
a little fox of light
what dreams may you hold for me
in the dead of the night

In my dreams I know you well
I feel you guard my heart
in thousand tales you will dream-walk with me
and we will never part

(c) 2014 allen simpson

this is not a great poem but it speaks of how I feel, twice I have dreamed of this fox…

My Dream Companion

I feel he is here to guide me on a great journey, why else would I dream of him. Both my dreams had Japanese elements in them. Last night’s dream he appeared on a mountain top and there were purple anemone flowers.

Anemone Flower

The fox ‘feels’ like a Kuda-Gitsune to me, a gentle Japanese Fox-Spirit like in the anime xxxHolic

I can’t wait to dream of my friend again. Maybe one day I will tell you what happened it these dreams