on the darkest of day, on the brightest of night
I follow the path of my heart and light
though those who may falter and fall
understand not my soul’s call
and might call me names or curse my path
I wish them love and light within my craft
I will walk my Sli An Chroi
in the way my Gods have blessed upon me.

I will walk with the soft paws of the unwavering wolf
I will watch with the observant eye of the crow
the sacred earth beneath my feet
and the light of the Moon on my heart.

My Sli An Chroi is filled
with perfect love and trust
guarded by Magic and lore
guided by the Goddess for evermore

Above I am bathed in Her lunar light
Below I am rooted in Her healing Earth
Within I am dancing Her spiral dance
Without I am shining Her love

So Mote It Be

(c) 2014 allen simpson
Sli An Chroi (Shlee-on-khree) is Gaelic and means Path/Pathway of the heart

Inspired by my spiritual Path and Cerridwen, the Mother of all Wolves, blessed be Her name. )0(