We live in a sad world filled with obscurities and vileness. A world filled with monsters. Not created from some ancient mythologies or some dark writer’s imagination like Lovecraft or King, but from the steaming dark pits of humanity’s own mind.

We so easily create flaws to hate, whether we call the lesbian, homosexual or cross-race couple abominations and evil children of some convenient devil. We clothe that in the nice word called sin and screech like harpies from pulpits that these poor people are damned. Oh my, my how sadistic we are to define someone else as something from the devil…

We crush the beauty and happiness from each other with gleeful sadistic glutton and feel self-righteous. For what?

If a man wants to have sex with another man or even a woman of another color what is wrong with that? If love is consensual and beautiful why mess with it because we deem it wrong? Now, having sexual relations with children and animals, that is wrong and perhaps those who pick on homosexuality or cross-ration relations are pedophiles trying to hurt innocent people because they cannot have what they crave. And why for the sake of any sane god do they have to bring religion into something they disapprove off.

If we dislike something, do not ‘justify’ it with verse out of some archaic tome, just say you don’t like it. There is nothing wrong with not liking something, but to treat one another with respect is a virtue we humans love to forget.

We humans are the monsters but we can also be the angels. If we treat each other with respect and dignity how many murders and suicides could have been averted. If we stopped judging people on how they dressed or what they believed in spiritually, would we not stop walking on the thorns and find the true light?

I have gay friends and family and know people in cross-racial relationships and I see beauty not sin. I see people who are different and embrace them. They are beautiful.

© 2014 allen simpson
This essay was inspired by, believe it or not, season 2 of the television series American Horror Stories

Watching American Horror Story Asylum made me think on how we are so easy to judge nice beautiful people so easily because they do not conform to our own ideals like the nice white man who has a colored wife, and that beautiful journalist that were seen as a sinner because she is lesbian… the twisting and warping of something beautiful and innocent. I am straight and never had any romantic or sexual interest in a woman of color but if I were gay or had a woman of another ethnic group in my life, I would deserve respect and that is how I see it.