First-off I wish to thank Net Ek for nominating me, I feel so honored that there is someone out there that enjoy my weirdness and eccentricities. <put in polite bow here> Jy maak my sommer skaam 😉


the awards work like this: (I think)

This is a first time for me so I am hoping I do this right. Here are the rules:

1. Nominate 15 blogs which inspire you and will inspire others
2. Display the award logo on your blog
3. Notify your nominees
4. Thank the person that nominated you and include a link to their blog in your post.

I nominate the following blogs and bloggers for the award, and they all inspired me, each in their own unique way. This list is not from favorite to least favorite.

Kouevuur – Son, you are a sunbeam and I really love your blog a lot

theogoth – Annari, even if I am a Pagan, you are a blessing to me and my favorite dominee in the whole world. And you are a goth and give all goth music lovers a high standard to uphold.

SA Vampyre News – I always find your articles on Vamprism, and Otherkin very inspiring and some of my vampire poems were inspired by you.Fangs!

Alex J Coyne – Alex I really enjoy your blog and it even inspired one or two articles on my own

Blog aangaande Spritualiteit en Gnotisme – Jaco jy hou jou blog vars en daar is altyd baie te leer daar.

Banana Newsline – You taught me to never read your blog while drinking coffee, because you are hilarious. Stay awesome.

The Ethereal Cathedral – I really really enjoy especially your Asatru and Pagan orientated articles.

Rondomtaliedraai – You always have something ‘oulik’ to share. Stay awesome!

Elen Sentier – You are a recent discovery of mine and as a fellow shaman I really love your way thinking. One of my poems were even inspired by one of your articles

EsoterX – my favourite ‘monster’ on wordpress. I love reading your stuff

Geekritique – you keep me up to date on Doctor Who and anime, two of my greatest passions. From one geek to another – you rock!

Joan De La Haye – Yes, my freaky darling, I nominate you

hanneliesebredell07 – Your Heathen Poetry lies close to my heart

Exposing the Big game – For all you insightful articles on nature

Net Ek – Even if you did not nominate me I would have nominated you. I love the poems that you post and any huge fan of Ingrid Jonker is uber-awesome in my book.


And that is all the nominees I nominate. Stay awesome and keep blogging