Emerson said:“All is riddle, and the key to a riddle is another riddle.

Have you ever seen a mirror breaking
shattered into million pieces
the images all different,
but of the same room or place
except for one
a fragment
taunting teasing
showing something out of place?

Have you seen tomorrow
and what it brings in that
haunting you and you
wish you can wake up but
it is not a dream?

just a fragment
taunting teasing
about a future
a gift and curse all the same

have you ever seen the future
and when it happens
when that fragment becomes part of the whole
do you feel lost or found
in the wake of its design?

(c) 2014 allen simpson
for all those that have seen fragments… special thanks to Net Ek

inspired by ‘Drome is ook Wonde’ by Breyten Breytenbach, and the anime Glasslip.

Picture Copyrighted to Delf Lepidosiren