Shivers down your spine
and something feels out of place
you feel yourself cross over the line
into some strange space
there is a chill in the air suddenly
and a feel that something’s feeding on your misery
you close your eyes
the fear sets in
screams building within
a whimper claws from your throat
a noise is heard behind you
you turn and open your eyes
and you wish it’s just lies
just lies
but you see the eyes
night eyes
watching you
they grow
and glow
red for danger
you fear this stranger
you want to turn and run away
the spirit is willing
the legs just stay
rooted in one spot…

‘oh my god…’

a primal scream from your lips
as something touches your fingertips
your last thought is:

‘Its not a lie
I am about to die…’

(c) 2012 allen simpson
inspired by the song ‘Black Sabbath’ by Black Sabbath and ‘Dissolve’ by Switchblade Symphony
inspired by a real event… but my poem ends better 🙂