la fête de l'innocence (c) 2007 allen simpson
la fête de l’innocence
(c) 2007 allen simpson

i am as patient as the night
because you are my gift
i await you my sweet
i will have la fête de l’innocence tonight
i will be reborn, so will you
and rule with me, the night

one little bite will make you my bride
immortality will be your gift
as you become my mine
the sanguine kiss will seal the deal

there will be no sunlight my dear
just stars, moonlight and the soothing dark
come my bride and take the vampire’s mark
we will be as one, for ever more

our la fête de l’innocence
will transform us, beast and beauty
to eternal bliss
take my hand to the promised land
of night, the sweetest paradise

(c) 2014 allen simpson
poem written in 2014, photo taken in 2007 and used with permission of the model.

la fête de l’innocence means ‘the feast of innocense’ in French