Thank you to Net Ek for the nomination. I feel very honored by being nominated.

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7 facts about me:

1. I am deeply in love with cheese cake.

2. I collect incense and have more than 20 different aromas to choose from to burn at a time.

3. My nickname is ‘Wolfie’ and was given to me by a group of poets on facebook because I always had wolves as profile pictures. I also used the name as part of my pen name on my two poetry books I published

4. I love the cold of winter, the dark of night and the kiss of rain on my skin. I am not a huge fan of sunny days.

5. I am a child of nature and nature is my church and every tree my altar where I feel closest to the Gods.

6. I collect Tarot decks and have 10 decks. I don’t read them much and only when I am seriously in the mood

7. I collect religious artifacts. I have from the Quran to Buddha statues to rare Bibles to Egyptian Statues of Gods to St. Christopher Medallions to Japanese Jade Luck Talismans. I love all religions and it compliments my Heathen beliefs.

Blogs I admire

Net Ek



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Siverelve’s blog

Thank you to all the above mentioned blogs for enriching my mind and heart