I loved the a Tale of two sisters movie and I must say the Uninvited is not even a speck of spit worth in the shadow of that awesome original. I love Asian Horror, and hate Western remakes, except ‘The Eye’ but maybe it is because Jessica Alba is extremely hot.

Doing In The Wizard


Back in the long lost era of the early 2000s The Ring came out and Hollywood went on a delirious bender of remaking Japanese horror films for American audiences. Most of both the original films snapped up in this frenzy and their remakes were pretty worthless, but the whole exercise did serve to draw people’s attention to foreign movies that they might have otherwise overlooked.

Somewhere in the middle of all of this director Kim Jee-woon’s Janghwa, Hongryeon became the highest grossing Korean horror movie of all time and some executive presumably went through a thought process along the lines of “hey Korea is close to Japan, right? And the kids these days like them J-horror movies, right? Let’s stick it in cinemas and option the rights for a remake!”

Said remake took its sweet time coming out (more on that later) but the original was released in the US…

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