Years ago there were unicorns
and maidens were warriors
with swords and shields
and the Morrighan met them
and watch them fighting in the field

the enemies were few
and the halls of the taverns
filled with song
as the bards sang and the maidens sang along

’tis was a time where but a tree
was enough to worship under
and circles were invoked
and the Gods came in whips of thunder

then from the east they came
bearing a symbol of blood
they raped the women in the name of an undead king
broke the temples and build over them

why oh undead one
did you kill the children of moon and sun
why oh undead one
did your children rape the women for fun

now centuries came to pass
the undead one’s children grew weak
the Morrighan kept her children strong
and now her kingdom is come

Hail to Maiden Mother and Crone
Mother of Ravens and Wolves on the Throne
the power of the earth will never wane
and the power will remain, Hail!
and the power will remain, Hail Morrighan!

(c) 2014 allen simpson
based on Celtic legends and Celtic myths and real history