the concept of vibration is for those that fear
not to hear that little voice within that connects
us all, to give in to the little voices, the shy ones
that implores us only to do good.
your holy spirit
or another’s conscience
or another’s ancestral spirit
there are voices

and then there are the deaf
and we must pity them
everybody were given ears, not the decorative shell
the flowers blooming from the side of our heads but
a higher consciousness, a gift some of us choose to forget
or like to think it is from the devil
devil is an excuse for the blind of ear
for those that forgot to listen to that little voice
that all children hear so well….

have a funeral for your devil
I will bring flowers and congratulate you
Be the power that set yourself free

(c) 2014 allen simpson
this is an experimental free verse from the 6th consciousness or it is nonsense for the blind or it is just ramblings from a tired man on his way to bed.