Ultra-Violet Angel

Ultra-Violet Angel

they said, only good is light,
then, I must be ultra-violet
a colour that you cannot see
yet a light, a mystery
I pray for peace
and healing of disease
I weep with the desolate and the loneliness
I spread my wings of faith
to surround you when you’re in a bad place
like infra-red and ultra-violet
only if you seek my beauty
you will find it in the dark.

Love only gazes through rose-tinted glasses

Love only gazes through rose-tinted glasses
love is red like my love for you
so take a glance through my rose-tinted glasses
and amidst the thorns you will see my heart like a rose in bloom

(c) 2014 Allen ‘Wolfie’ Simpson

I felt like writing Gothic poetry and like putting my make-up to good use for a change.  Yes these photos are selfies but they are done in an artistic manner to share in the poetic effect

Love only gazes