December 24, 2015

Marie and I have spend the whole day at Louisville Bed and Breakfast in Bela-Bela. The whole town is not what it used to be. It became a small city and the old ‘holiday’ magic here is gone.

Marie said last night I was screaming in my sleep. I kept chanting the word ‘Girl’ over and over. Strangely I did not remember the dream, thank the Gods for small mercies.

Tomorrow it is Christmas… We both do not feel like celebrating, so were just going to lie in bed, in our rooms, and watch satellite television.

Maybe together but alone is the best way for us now. Me and my cursed dreams and her with her mourning. I certainly can’t console her… those dreams, the flies and the whole peacock affair just weighs down on me…

If misery loves company, I must be misery’s fucking lover

(c) 2014 allen simpson