living life as a fan fiction story
emulating dreams in delusions of glory
lemmings blindly going for a fall
humanity dance to the lights of a false crystal ball

and their prophets are machines
programmed for extinction
visions of warped dreams
their crave these infections

men that will never know the touch of love of a woman’s
decide the rules of fashion
makes sizes too small
to turn our women into anorexic bulimic attractions
some waste away in hospital beds
some kill themselves for fashion
some never learn to breathe
and some shun all affection

if real women decided the designs
and real models walked the broad-walk
and real men that know the touch of a woman
could restore the balance
no more skeletons in hospital beds
or women that despise their own beauty
no more ugly thoughts in the mirror
only self respect will be the gospel

but their prophets are diseased
and they cover up the extinction
in neon-coloured dreams
with lies of rejection

beauty is slavery
fashion is murder

(c) 2014 allen simpson
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There is a rumour that the smaller women sizes in the clothing shops are because the fashion designers deliberately designed the dresses in smaller sizes and that the designers are gay men that force their ideal of what a perfect woman should be onto the world.

I do not claim to believe or deny that, only it makes a nice theme for a poem. This poem is inspired by that rumour. It does not mean that i believe it, but I leave the reader to decide what she or he believes.

– Allen