destiny, broken fragments teasing me
can’t you see, the pieces of what must not be
every night, we meet in our little secret place
every dream, there I am haunted by your face

clarity, escapes me in this insanity
foolishly, I just want to taste more
feverishly, I want to hear you under my caress
lingering echoes remain of all the desires
that is you

this prison we call love will not let me go
and the magnet of our souls
tortured by happiness that should be sin
just keeps the sanity barely in

destiny, star-crossed lovers that we are
we can’t see, passion blinding us
every night, when no-one else can hear the pain
every dream, ends where we shout out each other’s name

And in the mornings you’ll phone me
and say you wish we can meet
both stuck in the same dream
but you are oceans away from me

(c) 2015 allen simpson
based on a true event…. it is strange if you and someone you have never met face-to-face share the same dream… even oceans away from each other….

Shared dreaming is more common than you think….