(i) voices

It is dark outside and I hear the voices and they are calling me, calling me to… begging me to go outside and they are calling me calling me, so many voices like a million angels a million strangers and I stand up and I open the door and a chilly wind is blowing and I am sweating sweating drops falling on the ground like rain from my body and I step into the darkness and it is cold but I am sweating and then I remember as I listen to the voices echo and I remember and spasms of shock rips through my body and I remember…
I am a patient in an asylum, and my drugs are wearing off and all this I hear and see are delusions of a disturbed creature, the monster in the mirror. Me.

(c) 2010 Allen Simpson

(ii) wistful

The hole in the wall there’s a hole and I crawl to it with my torned soul and I look and I see greentreesblueskies but inside it’s raining and I feel the tears and I hear the cries of the ones around me and there’s longing in our hearts and there’s dreams in our hearts our wistful tears like a spider’s web we are connected by joy and connected by pain and I wish we can escape through the hole in the wall and hear the echoes of the cries of my soulkindred and I. And the Asylum grows cold and the night steals the visions of the hole in the wall and still we are trapped in here with our echoes of longing…

(c) 2010 Allen Simpson

Echospasms is a word I created and roughly translated it means ‘the feeling you get when dark emotions echoes in your soul and you are trapped in a situation where there is no escape’

(c) 2010-2014 allen simpson

Notes: In 2010 I visited an insame asylum in weskoppies with a friend. These pieces of prose where inspired by the incident.

It is not a happy place, especially if you are an empath….