the heart does not falter
the warrior does not fall
the pain does not conquer
the strong does not bend
they will be like willow
at the banks of the Styx
even if they are broken
they can be fixed

and if they should fade
into the gentle of the night
or after a long battle
and go towards the light
still they will have the fire
still they will live on
and the hearts of those left behind
will remember them all

to the fallen unsung heroes
that died of the disease
I sing this ballad
in simple rhyme
you will never be forgotten
your struggle was never in vain
you taught to let go
and let good memories remain

and if it is our turn
to go into the dark of that undefeated night
we know you will be waiting
in the new dawn’s celestial light

The heart of a warrior never truly dies
it becomes a Valkyrie that aids us to the light

(c) 2015 allen simpson
for Charmaine

picture from google