oh dawn do not creep on me
a last midnight i ask of you
here i am bound and waiting
for the shining death to come

my love is lost and waiting
for a word from me
the curse in my blood will boil soon
ending this existence of me

oh dawn do not creep on me
a last kiss from my love
is all i crave before the end
the day will see me not

a last kiss from her lips
before i fall to ashes
the oblivion then to come
will be nothing in the rising sun

(c) 2015 allen simpson
the poem is inspired by vampire movies like 30 Days of Night and the poem is about a man that is a vampire bounded to die in the sunlight which is the best weapon to kill vampires.
The poem is also inspired by the music of Xandria and Therion

Photo of me by Wilna Nel from WFN Photography