you can trust your divinations and books and your words
that you throw so easily like breadcrumbs for birds
you can bind me through delusional names chanted in blood
you can spit on my beliefs, and call me a nut

but I will never bow to your torture and self-righteousness
I will never accept your sacrilegious abuse of a crucifix
I will never contort to the rhymes you spill in discord
I will never hang on to your beliefs, I am beyond your reach

you can burn me at the stake in the name of a mistake
you can cut me till I bleed in the name of your creed
you can bind me in shackles and drown me for your sin
you will never burn the purity I hold sacred within

because I will give you the mercy you easily deny me
I will give you forgiveness because I am free
I will, even if I am bruised to the bone
die in peace, my faith is harder than stone

I fear not man or his warped sense of sins
I fear no mythology based on twisted whims
I am beyond your limited sense of belief
I am eternal in spirit, I am beyond your reach

(c) 2015 allen simpson
for my brethren. Never again the burning times. )0(