i used to see you staring back
your deep-cased eyes encircled in black
your full lips are now gone
even from my memory
the you that i used to be

i withered away and i saw you
every day,
how gaunt you have become
every day,
you slowly turned into someone else
– not me

the disease have eaten you away from me
until i have no you left
i lost you, my dear reflection
and i am all alone…

i fear i used to be…
i will never be again…
and i am  so terribly alone…

so so alone…

(c) 2015 allen simpson
in case you did not get the hints and tips left in my poem, it is about a man that withered away and each day when he looked in the mirror he saw: -not the healthy person he used to be, but a diseased dying person looking back.

He feels alone, because the person that use to be him has left him…

It is inspired by something quite a few people have said to me over the years about how they sometimes do not recognize themselves any more, that the person they see themselves as, is a shadow of who they used to be. And that it makes them feel alone. Scary thought.