It is a disease.

A woman told me recently in a conversation about rape (we were discussing yet another horrible rape story that circulated the news about a group of boys that raped another boy in Cape town) that for men it is worst to hear about a man that got raped than to hear that a woman got raped.

I was angry because I think such a statement is bullshit. To me rape is rape. it has no gender. I feel equally angry when a man, woman, boy or girl gets raped. Why must I feel worse if it is a man? I think maybe she thinks all men are women haters or see themselves as better than women… or maybe it is a Christian thing, because in my belief system, Paganism we see men and woman as equal and both equally sacred, whereas in Christianity it focuses more on the man.

What makes man better than woman or woman better than man. Both deserve the uttermost respect. Both man and woman deserve not to be raped, murdered. Both man and woman deserve respect and love.

Maybe my morality is wrong, but I think the whole man versus woman mentality is a sickness. And very fucked up.

(c) 2015 allen simpson