life has become a curse for society
half drink away their sobriety
work your fingers until the skeletal bone is all that remains
work work work but see no money, we have so much to pay

we can’t stand still to appreciate the blossoms of spring
we can’t stand still to see the magic that a new dusk or dawn brings
we can’t even afford a bread but work ourselves to death
yet we pop out offspring like it’s an impervious blessing

with fear we look at the beggers in the street
knowing there is a fine line to that destiny that might await us

the bills are mountains at the end of the month
the electricity we pay for are often denied us
we are in shackles of misery
and some even take the gun to the head
forgetting the cost is more to those left behind.

there are children hungry in the streets
walking dead zombies scrounging like dogs for a morsel to eat
there are more tears at night as we cry ourselves to sleep
we all keep it inside to afraid to state the obvious
we become reclusive hearts, shadows hiding in the light.

(c) 2015 allen simpson