dismal days will not take hold of me
and tenebrous hatred towards me will fade
because in my heart steadfast I believe
Paganus Mater Caritas Est

Isis Astaste Diana
I cling to the names with my heart
Hecate Demeter Kali
will always listen to the voice of my art

I bear no ill-will as harm none is my resolve
the bitterness of man is not mine to bear
I will take up my pentacle as my cross
and fear no heresy, self righteous ones, beware

I bow to all sacred corners not to the words of man
the Divine my staff and my cloak
I call on the Earth and the Moon in troubled times
Paganus Mater Caritas est

To all that hate my heart and my faith
Ego te absolvo
my salvation freed me now I free you from judgement’s curse

(c) allen simpson
Translation notes:
Paganus Mater Caritas est loosely translates to ‘the Pagan Mother is Love’
Ego te absolvo is a term used by Catholic priests to forgive the sins of people that confess their sins to them. It means ‘I absolve thee’