The Kool-aid Chronicles
based on an actual historic event

“History is the best muse sometimes, I just hope we all learn from history’s mistakes.” Allen Wolfie Simpson

I Iustitia x Ruina

sitting in the remains of destruction
far, so a far cry from justification
of what we have done
what we have done
empty are the mirrors that
used to show us our reflection
but to reflect on past sins
is now all that remains…

and if you find that all that glitter is not gold
then guyana, remember what we did
the ‘lord’ we followed’s gift
was just leading us on a path of flies
and now we are empty
like the mirrors of our souls
in the cemeteries of our memories
we dwell, each of us, alone

II Gula x Amicitia

Gluttony made us close friends
not the ravenous beast of breaking bread
but the faminous king called Justification
we drank the kool-aid, jim
our greatest sin…

III expectacio x Superbia

we thought we were sunbeams
expecting milk and honey
(not so funny)
the last meal of condemnation
that would have ‘led’ us to paradise
oh Pride, you bitter bitch
like icarus we have flown so high
thought we could reach
the sweet pearly gates
but fell in our pride
like lucifers cast from some yiddish myth

IV Ira x Fides

is there still faith for the faithless
that we have become?
we became the ashes of the angry fire
of selfish contradictions
the bitter poison we drank
the only stigmata of our faith

V Luxuria

beware then the comforts of self-justification
beware the lies of selective salvation
to judge is the poison
and it is sugared in blind faith
know very well what you believe
very well
there in might just lie true salavtion

(c) 2015 allen simpson

The letter ‘x’ in each heading were inspired by Hunter x Hunter. The x means nothing but I love the effect.
“History is the best muse sometimes, I just hope we all learn from history’s mistakes.” Allen Wolfie Simpson Yes I quoted myself
I took some liberties with the English language like the word Faminous which was inspired by the word ‘famine’ and also writing certain word in the lower-case that should be upper-case. Call it poetic smoke-and-mirror tactics if you will. 😉
(4) The latin word’s meanings are all hidden in a magic device called Google. Fascinating program so I bid you, dear reader look them up if you are adventurous enough.
(5) jim and guyana and kool-aid refers to Reverend Jim Warren Jones, the mass-murderer and antagonist of my poem